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What We Do

Live Answering Service

When you engage our service by forwarding your line to an 800 number we provide, our operators will answer your phone in your name (or as you specify), and project a positive, professional image of you to your caller. The information our operator gives your caller and collects from your caller is exactly as you specify. You will receive your messages in a clear, concise manner, and your messages will be accurate and delivered in a timely manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And we don’t need time off. To protect the interests of our clients, each and every call is recorded.

Front-End Call Support

Unlike voicemail, our live telephone operators can provide your callers with basic information, (e.g. address, business hours, directions etc.) dramatically cutting down the number of calls that must be handled by your staff, freeing up their time so you can use them more effectively. 

Backup Support

During busy times, our operators can stand behind your staff and take calls that they would have missed. Also called “spillover,” this service allows you to handle unexpected surges in incoming calls without having to hire extra staff. You can also use this service to better utilize your existing staff, minimize idle time and dramatically lower your payroll expense, while avoiding the even greater expense of a lost sale or a frustrated client.

Our well-trained telephone operators can take sales orders for your business, usually at a small fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff, and with much greater flexibility. We can also act in concert with your in-house staff by:

• taking sales calls exclusively after hours
• handling “spillovers”
• handling only simpler calls
• providing you with extra staff to coincide with your direct-response advertising or other surges in incoming calls.
• 24/7 factory employee call-offs
• 24/7 maintenance call-ins

Calling Services

In addition to taking incoming calls, our operators can also make calls on your behalf. This service can be used for such purposes as:

• customer satisfaction surveys
• customer contact maintenance
• appointment making
• obtaining pre-appointment information
and more…

We can provide this service for dramatically lower cost than doing it with your own staff.

Flexible Delivery

Your messages can be provided to you via:

• telephone
• email
• alpha page
• numeric page
• fax
• SMS (Short Message Service)

You can specify how or to whom messages are delivered depending on the time, day, caller, situation, or any other factor. Greetings given and message content can also be specified and customized to meet your specific individual business needs.

Live Answering Service Remote Receptionist

Our operators can serve as your virtual receptionist, qualifying and screening your calls to make sure that only necessary calls get through. In the era of “total outsourcing” and the “virtual office,” the virtual receptionist is becoming indispensable. As far as your caller is concerned, our telephone operator is your receptionist, sitting in your office. Moreover, the price of our service is a fraction of what even a part-time receptionist would cost on your payroll.